Lighting industry

The lighting industry is developing very dynamically and often must meet new requirements, not only in respect of quality, but also of visual appearance. As a Polish company, we focus primarily on good quality of material and workmanship. Thanks to this, our LED lighting slats are used by major lighting manufacturers both in Poland and abroad.

Profiles in the lighting industry are made from the following materials, among others:

  • PC
  • PVC transparent
  • PMMA
  • PS

Our LED slats are also well adapted to changing weather conditions, the use of lighting profiles is possible both indoors and outdoors.

We can produce the slats in lengths of up to 7m or in rolls of up to 100m. In addition, all strips can be produced with varying degrees of transparency.

From idea to profile


When we start working together, we first have dialogue with the client to understand their needs. 

Determining the conditions

The second step is a pricing, sending an offer to the customer and determining business conditions.

Tool making

The precise manufacturing of the tool in our workshop by our engineers allows us to achieve the ideal profile according to the customer's concept.

Production of profiles

After making a sample series accepted by the customer, we proceed to the extrusion of profiles.

We have 30 years of experience in realising client concepts from design to final profile. We have our own design studio for mould and matrix construction along with a tool room. This enables us to implement even the most original ideas.

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